Info About my Gitea instance.
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TheClashFruit's Forgejo

Info About my Forgejo instance.

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SSH is now available!


They are open.


I have them open becuase I host some of my projects here and I want people to be able to contribute to my projects.

Aren't you scared someone will abuse it?



There is 500GB dedicated to the instance but it is expandable if I ever overrun it, which is not likely as it ran fine on 50GB before.


There are 3 machines hosting actions as of now. You can contact me if you want to donate one 🤗.


Just make a pages repo or a pages branch in your repo and it should work. Visit and see:!


Why even bother hosting a Git server?

I just don't want M$ to steal my code. And I'm slowly trasnferring over to here, well except most of my open-source projects.

But you could use something like Gitlab.

Yes I know, I just don't want to.

Can I host my projects here?

Absolutely YES! Feel free to create an account and start hosting your projects.